Wataru Yashiro
Assistant Professor
Xiaoyu Liang
  • Quantum-beam optics
  • Metrology
  • Data Science
  • Micro/Nanofabrication

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Exploring the frontiers of the 4D world

We live in a "4D world", but in the 4D space-time region of less than µm and ms, there is a vast unknown world that is inaccessible even to the most advanced measurement technologies. In our laboratory, we are taking on the challenge of developing new imaging techniques that dramatically exceed the conventional limits by exploiting high-energy quantum beams such as X-rays, advanced micro/nanofabrication technologies, and data science techniques, and to open up the uncharted 4D world. Our imaging technologies will not only lead to a new understanding of various irreversible and non-equilibrium systems in the material and life sciences, but will also have diverse ripple effects on general society.


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