Kenji Inaba
Assistant Professor
Satoshi Watanabe
Assistant Professor
Yuta Amagai
  • X-ray crystal structure analysis
  • cellular homeostasis
  • protein quality control
  • redox
  • calcium ion

Major Grad.Sch. of Science; Grad.Sch. of Life Sciences
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Toward elucidation of cellular mechanisms underlying protein and metal ion homeostasis

The biological kingdoms have evolved elaborate systems to maintain the cellular homeostasis. Employing structural, biochemical, proteomic and cell biological approaches, we aim at deep understanding of mechanisms by which protein quality and metal ion concentrations are controlled in living cells. We particularly focus on how the protein disulfide bond formation network and calcium and zinc ion transporters present in the early secretory pathway contribute to the cellular systems. Structural and mechanistic insights gained in this work will provide molecular insights into neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and other fatal diseases caused by impairment of these cellular quality control systems.


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