Masahiko Takahashi
Associate Professor
Noboru Watanabe
Assistant Professor
Yuuki Onitsuka
  • molecular science
  • atomic collision physics
  • momentum space chemistry
  • chemical reaction dynamics

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Visualization of static and dynamic nature of matter by means of electron Compton scattering

Properties of matter, such as reactivity and functionality, are determined by the motion of the constituent electrons and nuclei and their concerted effect. For this reason, we aim at understanding of static and dynamic nature of matter at the most fundamental level and exploration of materials having desired functionalities, by developing new and original spectroscopies that would visualize the motion of both electrons and nuclei in matter. They are all basically based on either of electron-electron and electron-atom Compton scattering:

  1. Imaging of the motion of electrons and nuclei in matter by electron Compton scattering,
  2. Visualization of the driving principle behind chemical reaction by time-resolved electron Compton scattering,
  3. Stereo-dynamics of electron-molecule collision by multiparameter coincidence experiments.


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