Yukio Takahashi
Associate Professor
Kozo Shinoda
Assistant Professor
Nozomu Ishiguro
  • Coherent X-ray Optics
  • Synchrotron Radiation
  • Visualization Measurement
  • Data Science

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Integration of synchrotron radiation measurement and informatics for visualization of material functions

Most of the practical functional materials are heterogeneous and complex systems with spatial hierarchical structures ranging from atoms to millimeters, and it is important to elucidate the correlation between microstructure and function at the mesoscale when designing and developing new materials. By using imaging and spectroscopic techniques using synchrotron radiation, one can analyze the structure, elements, and electronic state of practical functional materials from various perspectives. In particular, coherent diffraction imaging using synchrotron radiation is attracting attention as a next-generation visualization tool to realize structural visualization at the nanoscale. In addition, with the recent development of data science, it is becoming more feasible to extract characteristic information on structure-function relationships from the information of elements and electronic states that are intricately distributed in three-dimensional space. In our laboratory, we aim to establish a common platform for visualizing the functions of practical materials by developing next-generation synchrotron radiation imaging and spectroscopy methods and utilizing data scientific approach.


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