Hiroshi Nogami (c)
Associate Professor
Shungo Natsui (c)
Assistant Professor
Andrey Stephan Siahaan
  • Iron and steelmaking
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Process Simulation
  • Ultralow Carbon Processes

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Toward Highly Efficient and Environmentally Low Impact Iron and Steelmaking Processes

Mitigation of carbon usage in the iron and steelmaking processes that provide vast steel products as base material of our society is one of the most urgent and world-wide concerns. For its solution, development of novel ironmaking process as well as the efficiency improvement of current process is required. To realize the low carbon ironmaking processes, not only thermodynamic process principle but also sophisticated/advanced process control technologies from the viewpoint of dynamics/kinetics are indispensable. This collaborative research division aims to realize novel ironmaking technology with ultra-low environmental impact through multi-phase, multi-physics and multi-scale process simulation.


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