Atsushi Muramatsu
Hiroyuki Shibata
Hiroyuki Fukuyama (c)
Associate Professor
Masahito Uchikoshi
  • Non-ferrous Metallurgy
  • Urban Mines
  • Thermodynamics
  • Ultra High Purification

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For Stable Development of Non-ferrous metallurgical Industry

Stable development of the metallurgical industry is desired for steady supply of metallic materials which are the fundamentals of infrastructure for society. The domestic metallurgical industry is exposed to severe situation. For sustainable development of the non-ferrous metallurgical industry, the following issues must be resolved.

  1. Advancement of extraction technology,
  2. Development of functional materials utilizing environmentally unfriendly by-products,
  3. Development of efficient extractive metallurgy from unused ores,
Furthermore, cultivation of human resources involving in this field is also important.Collaborative Research Division of Non-ferrous Metallurgy and Environmental Science is aimed at cultivation of human resources by practical minded education and stimulation of non-ferrous metallurgical industry collaborating with industrial society.


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