An-Pang Tsai
Associate Professor
Satoshi Kameoka
Assistant Professor
Nobuhisa Fujita

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Synthesis of quasicrystals and their structure analysis, and designing catalysts in terms of metallurgy

Our research is focused on quasicrystal (QC) and designing alloys for catalysis by controlling electronic structure and microstructure. Fundamental studies on QCs range over different aspects, including search for new alloy, structure analysis and structure description by means of geometrical mathematic. In the application part, QC-reinforced high-strength Mg alloys and QC catalysts have been developed. We propose a new paradigm for designing catalysts in terms of metallurgy: 1) control of electronic structure by alloying to adjust the catalytic function, aiming at replacement for precious metals, 2) tailoring nanoarchtectures through self-organization processes generated by leaching or redox treatments for developing new processes for catalysts.


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