Masaki Takata
Associate Professor
Takeo Ejima
Assistant Professor
Tadashi Hatano

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Development and Applications of Nano Visualization Technology based on Synchrotron Radiation X-rays

"SLiT-J"is new 3GeV synchrotron radiation facility project in Tohoku. Its ambitious low-emittance light source design (Fig.1) shall make a progress in soft X-ray imaging to investigate the nano- and bio-materials. Our lab has been striving to build a new range of the states of the art in EUV/X-ray microscopy. Our latest success is a development of the EUV microscope with diffraction-limited resolution of 30 nm. The obtained full-field images of a living tissue and next-generation lithography masks (Fig.2) are demonstrating great potential for our Xray visualization technique combined with SLiT-J. Our final goal is to create a master concept, Nano info -Graphy, for nano visualization of three elemental information; spatial structure, energy state, and chemical state, and to achieve innovation in the Science and Technology as well as Industry.


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