Takahiro Yamada
Assistant Professor
Masanori Enoki
  • Inorganic materials science
  • Zintl compounds
  • thermoelectric materials
  • Computational materials thermodynamics

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Exploration of novel inorganic functional materials, and development of new synthetic processes

Most inorganic materials are metals, alloys, and oxides, and inorganic compounds such as nitrides and intermetallic compounds also have high potential as functional materials. There are many inorganic compounds which have not been found or whose functions have not been fully revealed and understood. We aim to develop novel materials focusing on thermoelectric materials, hard ceramics and metals, and superconductors by exploratory research of novel inorganic compounds, and preparation of high-quality samples by new synthetic processes, and characterization of their functionality and demonstration of the mechanism through appropriate experiments and theoretical calculations. These fundamental researches have the possibility to find out game changers in material science. That is, many intriguing compounds are await to be discovered and uncovered!


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