• organic nanocrystals
  • hybridized nanocrystals
  • directed-assembled nanostructure control
  • photonic materials

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Creation of novel organic-inorganic hybridized nanocrystals for next-generation photonic materials

In current material science, hybridized nanomaterials are expected to exhibit the peculiar optoelectronic and photonic properties, which are strongly dependent on combination of organic and inorganic components, size and shape, inner structure, and interface interaction.
Aiming to develop photonic device materials, our research group has extensively studied on mass-production of well-defined organic nanocrystals, design of organicinorganic hetero nano-interface and hybridization method, and evaluation of optoelectronic and photonic functions. Especially, enhanced fluorescence based on mutual interaction between exciton and enhanced photoelectric field on nano-level, random laser oscillation using porous materials, and visible-light driven photocatalysts using piconjugated organic nanocrystals are also now in progress.


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