Satoshi Takahashi
Associate Professor
Kiyoto Kamagata
Assistant Professor
Yuji Itoh
  • Protein folding and design
  • Function of tumor suppressor p53
  • Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy

Major Grad.Sch. of Science; Grad.Sch. of Life Sciences
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Dynamics of protein folding and function based on single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy

Proteins are natural machines that perform various functions that sustain our lives. To be biologically active, proteins, linear chains of amino acids, need to form compact three dimensional structures in the process called protein folding. The folded structures of proteins are determined by the primary sequence of amino acids. However, it is still extremely difficult to understand the relationships among the amino acid sequence, the folded structure, and the function of proteins. In our laboratory, we develop now single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and observe the rapid process of protein folding directly. In addition, we observe the functional dynamics, a sliding motion along DNA, of a tumor suppressor p53. Furthermore, based on the knowledge of protein folding and function, we are developing a new strategy to design artificial proteins.


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