Kiyoshi Kanie
Senior Assistant Professor
Matsubara Masaki
  • Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticles
  • Hybrid Liquid Crystals
  • Nanoparticles-based Mist-Deposition
  • Phospholipids-based Artificial Materials

Major Grad.Sch. of Environmental Studies
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Functional Materials based on Multidisciplinary Precise Synthesis Across Organic, Inorganic, and Bio

Functional materials have large potentials for our sustainable future life. From this viewpoint, development of novel functional materials is an indispensable target for scientists to improve qualities of future society and life. To date, we have designed and synthesized novel-types of functional materials beyond the conventional frameworks of organic, inorganic, and biochemical syntheses. Especially, "hybridization" of unique features of materials is not only become a simple technique to combine the properties but also lead to induce novel-functions.
Through synergistic effect of the materials. Based on this concept, we have successfully developed hybrid functional materials such as i) quantum effect-tunable nanoparticles by the control of the nanoparticle-based self-organized structures, ii) nanoinks to obtain functional thin films by mist-deposition, and iii) stimuli-responsive artificial phospholipids forming lamella and giant vesicle structures.


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