Tomoyuki Akutagawa
Assistant Professor
Shun Dekura
Assistant Professor
Tetsu Sato
  • organic electronic materials
  • molecular conductors
  • molecular ferroelectrics
  • molecular electronics

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Fabrications of multifunctional molecular materials

Multifunctional molecular-assemblies and hybrid organicinorganic materials are examined from the viewpoint of structural freedom of organic molecules. The spin and electronic states of molecular-assemblies are designed in terms of electrical conductivity, magnetism, and ferroelectricity. For example, the designs of flip-flop motions and dipole inversions in the crystals realized the ferroelectric properties. The hybrid assemblies with the supramolecular rotators and magnetic anions formed the multifunctional ferroelectric - ferromagnetic materials. Diverse molecular assemblies from single crystal, plastic crystal, liquid crystal, gel, to Langmuir-Blodgett film are our research targets. The researches will be essential for future molecular electronics.


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