Satoshi Okamoto
Associate Professor
Nobuaki Kikuchi
Assistant Professor
Keisuke Ishigami
Assistant Professor
Takuya Taniguchi
  • Ferromagnetic materials
  • magnetization measurements
  • spin dynamics
  • high-frequency magnetic response

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Nano-scale physical properties of ferromagnetic materials and developments of advanced magnetic devices

Ferromagnetic materials are widely utilized for various fields such as information communication technology, electronic devices, motors, generators, and so on. These various functionalities of magnetic devices are governed by nano-scale spin dynamics. Therefore, it is essentially important to understand the physics of nano-scale spin dynamics and to control it for the advanced magnetic devices. For example, the recording density of hard-disk drives can be significantly increased by controlling the spin dynamics of microwave frequency range, i.e., microwave-assisted magnetic recording technology. The high-performance permanent magnets, which are indispensable for traction motors of electric vehicles, can be developed by controlling the nano-scale spin dynamics at the grain surfaces.


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