Shu Yin
Senior Assistant Professor
Takuya Hasegawa
Assistant Professor
Ayahisa Okawa
  • Mixed Anion Compounds
  • Solvothermal Process
  • Morphological Control of Ceramics
  • Environmental Responsive Functionality

Major Grad.Sch. of Environmental Studies
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Creation of Environmental Responsive Inorganic Nanomaterials by Solvothermal Reaction

The development of environmentally responsive inorganic nanomaterials with controllable morphologies and their advanced functionalities related with energy and environment is carried out. Environmentally friendly soft chemical processes, especially solution process consisted of solvothermal reaction using water and non-aqueous solvents at elevated temperatures, are mainly used for the synthesis of mixed anion compounds and the control of their electronic structures. The precise control of morphology, crystalline phase, crystallinity and particle size of environmental responsive inorganic nanomaterials is carried out under environmental friendly conditions. The creation of environmental responsive inorganic functional materials with novel applications on environmental harmony, high-efficiency energy utilization, and responsivity related to photon and chemicals is carried out.


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