Shunichi Sato
Associate Professor
Yuichi Kozawa
Assistant Professor
Yuki Uesugi
Assistant Professor
Ayano Tanabe
  • laser
  • photonics
  • materials science
  • electron optics

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Multidisciplinary research of photonics and material science

We are intentionally and intensively trying to make the best use of the excellent properties of lasers for the advancement of material science. The state-of the-art photonics technologies are our useful and essential tools. At present, we are especially interested in the following tow topics. The first is the synthesis of single nano-particles of diamond-like-carbon and noble metals by using an intense optical field, which is generated by tightly focused femto-second laser pulses in liquid and can be regarded as a novel non-equilibrium, non-linear and ultrafast process. The next is the investigation of vector beams, which have inherent vectorial characteristics of electromagnetic wave, focusing on its physics, the development of beam generation, the improvement of beam quality, and applications such as laser processing and super-resolution microscopy.


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