Koji Yonekura
Masami Terauchi (c)
Hiroshi Jinnai (c)
Associate Professor
Tasuku Hamaguchi
Associate Professor
Yohei Sato (c)
Senior Assistant Professor
Hirofumi Kurokawa
Senior Assistant Professor
Hironori Marubayashi (c)
Assistant Professor
Daisuke Morikawa (c)
Assistant Professor
Tomohiro Miyata (c)
Specially Appointed Professor
Masato Koike
  • Electron energy-loss spectroscopy
  • Soft X-ray emission spectroscopy polymer materials
  • Electron microscopy for soft materials
  • Cryogenic electron microscopy

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Creation of new electron microscopy techniques

Electron microscopy technique for evaluating structure and chemical state of functional materials with a high spatial resolution is a key technology not only for improving new functional materials and devices but also for accelerating materials innovation for SDGs. As our university has development seeds on electron microscopy and analysis methods of EELS and SXES, we and JEOL agreed to collaborate to create new electron microscopy techniques and improve analysis methods and distribute for society.


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