Atsushi Momose
Associate Professor
Wataru Yashiro
Senior Assistant Professor
Katsumasa Ikematsu
Assistant Professor
Yanlin Wu
Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Hidekazu Takano
Specially Appointed Senior Assistant Professor
Koh Hashimoto

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Observation using wave nature of quantum beam

Quantum beams, such as X-rays, are used to visualize materials structures of the size from atomic scale to human scale. The use of phase information enhances the usefulness of quantum beams tremendously. We have innovated in X-ray imaging technology by developing X-ray phase measurement, releasing groundbreaking results beyond conventional expectation. The technique is powerful for objects consisting of low-Z atoms, such as polymers and biological materials, and recently its scope is expanding to metallic materials. Based on quantum beam physics, we are developing unique experimental environment and pioneering advanced imaging research. This technology is attractive practically, and we are also conducting various collaborations.


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