Etsuro Shibata
Associate Professor
Atsushi Iizuka
Assistant Professor
Ken Adachi
  • Non-ferrous Metallurgy
  • Metal Resources Circulation
  • Recycling
  • Waste Treatment

Major Grad.Sch. of Environmental Studies
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Establishment of Metal Resources Circulation System Based on Non-ferrous Smelting Industry

Non-ferrous smelting industry is necessary for achievement of the resource circulation society. In the future, the use of various electrical and electronic devices is expected to increase with growth of population in the world. To secure metal resources continuously, it is necessary to recycle metals used in waste products. The main research aim is to establish the metal resources circulation system based on the non-ferrous smelting industry. Research activities including non-ferrous metallurgy along with mineral processing beyond the traditional framework are intended to achieve the high efficiency circulation of metal resources and environmental conservation in the future. Researches for smelting processes for primary and secondary resources, treatments of by-products and stabilization of environmental load elements, etc. are conducted.


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