Itaru Honma
Senior Assistant Professor
Hiroaki Kobayashi
Assistant Professor
Kazuyuki Iwase
  • Nanotechnology
  • Sustainable materials processing
  • Post lithium-ion battery
  • low carbon emission technology

Major Grad.Sch. of Environmental Studies
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Nanotechnology and nanoscience of advanced functional nanomaterials for energy technology innovations

Our research goal is to realize renewable energy innovations and to contribute to global environmental sustainability through nanotechnology and nanoscience of advanced functional materials researches. –Using environmentally friendly materials processing and the exploration of advanced functional nanomaterials, the Honma laboratory investigates the frontiers of nanotechnology and nanomaterials for CO2 electrochemical conversion processes to useful compounds, post lithium-ion batteries–, rare-metal free battery, Processing of functional nanomaterials and on-demand fabrication of battery devices by 3D printing technologies, thereby contributing to innovative solutions for global sustainability, renewable energy, and a low carbon emission industry. Our studies focus on advanced functional nanomaterials such as monoatomic layered materials, nanoparticles, nanoporous materials, multi-ternary compounds, metastable materials, organic nanocrystalline electrodes, novel solid state electrolytes for all solid-state batteries, supercritical fluid & hydrothermal-electrochemical processing, and in-situ spectroscopy analysis using synchrotron light sources–.


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