Masaru Nakagawa
Associate Professor
Tomoya Oshikiri
Assistant Professor
Hiromasa Niinomi
  • Material science
  • photochemistry
  • nanoimprinting
  • metasite

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Photo-functional material science based on metasites fabricated by nanoimprint lithography

Nakagawa group conducts research on materials and processes for mold-using nanoimprint technology, one of the next-generation fundamental nanofabrication technologies in manufacturing. Using our developed resist materials and alignment and nanolithography processes, we fabricate metallic and dielectric nanostructures strictly as design and investigate the optical, photochemical, and physical interactions of molecules with the nanostructures and nano-clearances between/among nanostructures. Herein we propose and pursue "metasite" as an artificially created nano-clearance with nanometer sizes using the arrangement of metallic and dielectric nanostructures, where unprecedented chemical reactions and physical phenomena occur at hot spots of the nano-clearance.


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