Kiyoshi Ueda
Misaki Okunishi
Assistant Professor
Hironobu Fukuzawa
Assistant Professor
  • molecular dynamics
  • electron dynamics
  • electron spectroscopy
  • coincidence spectroscopy

Major Grad.Sch. of Science
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Taking the molecular movie, catching the electron motion

Quantum interference based on wave nature of matters makes quantum processes completely different from classical processes. We analyze, visualize, and control quantum processes that determine ultrafast electron and molecular dynamics, such as electronic relaxation, charge transfer, fragmentation, and rearrangement in isolated molecules and clusters. For that purpose, we have been developing cutting-edge spectroscopic techniques that allow us to catch the atomic and electron motion. To trigger, probe, and control the processes, we use new–generation light sources such as ultrafast optical lasers, ultrahigh resolution soft x ray synchrotron radiations, and ultrafast X-ray free electron lasers.


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