Masato Kakihana
Hideki Kato
Associate Professor
Hiromu Kumagai
Assistant Professor
  • chemical process
  • exploration of new materials
  • chemical design of metal complexes
  • photoceramics

Major Grad.Sch. of Engineering
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Exploration of new photoceramics and improvement of their performance

Our research interest is focused on exploration of new photo-functional materials, which are called as "photoceramics", such as phosphors and photocatalysts. Exploration of new materials is an important assignment for construction of photoceramics with desired properties because their performance and properties strongly depend on the materials. Our research group is exploring the new materials in various material groups, such as oxide, sulfide, oxynitride, and phosphate, with concepts of control of constituent elements and composition. We are also examining improvement of performance of photoceramics using chemical processes such as the solution-based synthesisand the morphology control by fluxing and etching. In addition, we are also investigating selective synthesis of oxide polymorphs and morphology control via chemical design of metal complexes.


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